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Updated: May 19, 2020

At forty, I didn’t like all the wrinkles I saw in the mirror, and that started my journey into the field of esthetics. Now at 51, I don’t have wrinkles (well, not as many), but I don’t feel as youthful. I have noticed I have less energy, less concentration, definitely more irritable and low libido.

I’m not yet menopausal, but the inevitable is approaching. I eat well and exercise, but I can’t fake my body out of menopause. What will happen when I don’t have any estrogen, or even less testosterone in my system? What will happen to my brain, my heart, my skin, my bones, my weight? I think of all of my menopausal friends who are warning me of what is to come. I also think of all my patients over the years, who have complained of these very things.

I decided to be proactive with my health. It is through researching my options that I found BioTE medical, which offers plant based bioidentical hormones of estrogen and testosterone. These are in pellet form (about the size of grain of rice) that are implanted under the skin of your buttocks. For women, this lasts about 3-4 months, and for men, 5-6 months. Why wait for disease? Prevention is the way to go! Looking good is one thing, but feeling good is essential to long life and happiness. Check out

Call me at 617-319-9404 for a consultation and let’s get you feeling your best!


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