SPF Is For All Seasons

When we think of SPF (Sun Protection Factor), we often picture ourselves lathering up at the beach on a hot day. We all know to wear SPF when spending a day in the sun and the sand, but what we all might not realize is that SPF is important all year long.

Damaging ultraviolet rays are present all year round, even in winter months. The difference is that during the cooler months, our bodies are less affected because of the layers of clothing we wear. The skin on our face is still vulnerable.

UV damage is not the only concern during the winter months. With brisk winds and drying home heating systems, your face needs serious hydration. Having a moisturizer with an SPF is the best way to go all year round.

Infinite Beauty Lounge is excited to offer AlumierMD's award winning sunblock, containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which can be delivered directly to you.  It is available in untinted and versatile tint creating a sheer healthy glow.  $44 for 60ml

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